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The MacPCX store is located in the Hollywood District in Portland, Oregon and is Hollywood’s neighborhood center for computer training and support. We connect people to technology and opportunity. From one-on-one customized computer literacy training to business support services, we’re Hollywood’s IT department.


Underlying our business model is our mission of promoting and building two-mile zone sustainable communities. We’re an employee-owned business and our members are active in building up the community as volunteers, artists, musicians, and organizers.


The MacPCX store was founded in June of 2011 by Yu Te and Ari Milner and has grown since then. For the first two years we’ve been focused on services for home users. We started off with training and support services. From the beginning, however, we wanted to create a full service IT consulting and software development service for local individuals and businesses alike.


Repairing computers is just a small facet of IT, which also includes business consulting, documentation, systems analysis, design, programming, testing, training, installation, and ongoing support. For the next phase of our growth, we’re going to provide more services to business customers and expand on our IT consulting business. We’ve had some business customers, the Center for Natural Medicine and Able Tax from the beginning, and are currently expanding our offerings to businesses.

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Store Hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 12 pm to 6 pm Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm 24/7 emergency support
We are located inside the 42nd Street Station, sandwiched between Aunt Tillie’s Deli and the Postal Station.