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Troubleshoot Your Portland Computer

Whether you have a Mac or PC, MacPCX is there to provide solutions to your computer issues. Troubleshooting is the first step towards finding a lasting repair solution. We troubleshoot iphones, ipads, and any other mobile devices you have. Since we are Portland’s community-based computer professionals, we are happy to have you drop-in for service or you can even have us on-call and we will cater to your needs, 24/7.

TroubleShoot Ipads, Laptops, and SmartPhones

If you’re having trouble connecting to your home network, the wifi at your favorite Portland coffeeshop, or to your printer, bring us your device. We can have you up and running in no time. In fact, we can often discuss the problem and its solution, because many problems are rather easy to remedy.

If you just don’t like technology, don’t worry. We’re the geeks with heart. We won’t overwhelm you with jargon that you don’t want. We’ll troubleshoot your Mac laptop, fix the problem, and send you on your way.

We can even troubleshoot your iPhone, ipad, or any device you rely on for daily life.


Your connectivity is important. If you work remotely, you simply cannot get to work if you are unable to connect. We can troubleshoot your passwords and other settings. We can even help you create a password that no one will ever be able to crack. Our knowledge, tools, and resources will get you up and running. Before long you’ll be back at work and as productive as ever.

Quick Fix

Sometimes your computer problems are solved in a matter of minutes. If you bring your Mac, PC, smartphone, or iPad in for service and we fix the problem in under 15 minutes, the fee is nominal. Plus, we can apply the fee towards future service.

Part of the MacPCX mission is to form community both within our organization and with our network of clients, customers, and vendors.

Come See Us Today

MacPCX, in Portland’s Hollywood district, is happy to troubleshoot your computers. We can be reached via our website, or on the telephone: (971) 270-9707. For support, call: (503) 512-0064. You can find us near the Hollywood Theatre in the 42nd Street Station.

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