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Data Recovery Experts

Data drives your business, data recovery saves your business. Files and databases have become a vital part of how we operate. Even personal devices are full of personal items such as photos, saved emails, personal writing, and even audio of a child’s first word.

However, our data is not always secure. Hardware problems and human error can jeopardize the files that make our lives rich and fulfilling. Further, these problems can cause major disruptions in our businesses. Without a client database, for instance, many businesses falter.

This post is all about data recovery. MacPCX is Portland’s go-to resource for data recovery, computer repair, and training. The following topics are discussed:

Hardware and Data Loss

There are several main factors in data loss. Hardware failures are a large cause of data loss. If you are still using a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) your data might be at risk, especially if you use the computer in high-traffic areas, or otherwise place it where it might be knocked over – by a pet or toddler, for instance. If the machine is running when it falls, you run the risk of losing your data. Other causes of hardware failure include

  • Heat damage to the HDD
  • Blown capacitor on the motherboard
  • Power outage

Not all of these result in a temporary or permanent loss of data. However, you can take your computer to MacPCX for a full diagnostic. If, for instance, your motherboard has a blown capacitor, your data may well be safe. We can transport your data into a new computer.

User Error

You’re not perfect. No one is, really. Problems sometimes arise when attempting to back up data, for instance. You might think a file has been transported to the cloud or your external device, so you delete it from your computer’s drive. Well, maybe it wasn’t properly backed up. Now, you need to recover that data. How is that possible, if it’s already been deleted? Call Portland’s geeks with heart, MacPCX. We have the diagnostic tools and expertise to determine if your information can be recovered. If it can, we will take care of the problem in a jiffy.

Computer Viruses and Malware

Viruses and malware can cause big trouble, and your data is vulnerable to them if you’re not careful. Depending on the type of cyber attack you incur, you may not be able to recover your data. However, data recovery experts at MacPCX can take a look and determine what can be done. In the meantime, discuss your overall computer security with MacPCX. You may want to have them train you how to keep your data safe. If you have a small Portland business, this is vital. We specialize in business solutions for Portland’s small enterprises.

Portland Data Recovery

MacPCX, located in Portland’s Hollywood district, in 42nd Street Station, is convenient to the historic Hollywood Theatre and the Sandy Blvd Whole Foods. We are data recovery experts who can delve deep into your damaged hard drive to find your precious databases, photographs, or your cherished collection of music files. Your data is important to you, it’s important to us. We’re the geeks with heart.

Contact us via our website, or on the telephone: (971) 270-9707. For support, call: (503) 512-0064. We offer immediate, online support for any computer issues you encounter.

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